Optimize your stock

A good inventory management for the maintenance of its production facilities, is one of the mainstays of maintenance savings. Having a spare time to avoid delays in maintenance, preventive or corrective, not buying more parts than necessary, have a good planning of spare parts.

Evaluate to know, measure to improve

To deepen in your knowledge of your resources and their potential helps you to improve the productive capacity of your organization. In , we offer you an assessment of the maintenance of your means of production, whatever it is, ships, industrial plants, wind plants or solar farms. The experience of the firm will help you to compare your maintenance management with the best management available for you and see if your… Leer más »

Armon shipbuilding recovered in Gijon with a tuna boat in Mexico

Armon recover shipbuilding in Gijon with the construction of a tuna boat for the Mexican company Grupo Industrial Maritime. The project Navia company shuffled several years, even before the acquisition of the former Juliana, just realized. Armon and the company headed by entrepreneur Asturian-Mexican Antonio Suarez closed the first contract for the new phase of shipyard

Ramon Margalef concludes its mission in the island of Hierro

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