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Spain rents a warship to Australia

SOURCE HOLDER ANTENA3. july 3, 2012. Spain ‘rents’ warships including a purchase option. The new anti-crisis measure is the assignment to Australia of the A-15 Cantabria for a year. The Australian Navy is the first customer, and if it is satisfied may contract to build two similar vessels in Spanish shipyards. The A-15 Cantabria is the second largest ship of the Spanish Navy. A modern combat supplier ship. Next year,… Leer más »

European Commission support for ocean research in 2013 with 55 million

SOURCE HOLDER INFOMARINE. june 29, 2012 The European Commission has launched a call, valued at 55 million euros, for submission of proposals for marine and maritime research to all those stakeholders. “The Ocean 2013″, as it is called, has as main objective to promote research and innovation in marine technology such as sensors, anti-fouling materials and the development of maritime transport systems for innovative, especially in the energy sector wind… Leer más »

Armon will build two more tuna in Gijon for a Mexican owner

SOURCE HOLDER LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. june 20, 2012. The Mayoress, Carmen Moriyón, announced yesterday that the group built in Gijón Armon two Mexican tuna for owners, in addition to that already commissioned Grupomar, owned by businessman Antonio Suarez Asturian-Mexican, born in Gijón and two Armon also make for the Basque company Albacora. Although these five fishing already has in its portfolio, the company still maintains their facilities empty. Armon has… Leer más »

The Government of Chile presented the first National Security Strategy and Defense

SOURCE HOLDER INFODEFENSA.COM  june 29, 2012. President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, and Minister of National Defence, Andres Allamand, presented on Thursday 28 June the first National Security Strategy and Defence (ENSYD) of Chile. The unpublished document, which aims to guide and coordinate the activities of the various agencies and public institutions to deal with situations involving national security and defense, sets the interests of Chile in this area… Leer más »

Armon shipbuilding recovered in Gijon with a tuna boat in Mexico

Armon recover shipbuilding in Gijon with the construction of a tuna boat for the Mexican company Grupo Industrial Maritime. The project Navia company shuffled several years, even before the acquisition of the former Juliana, just realized. Armon and the company headed by entrepreneur Asturian-Mexican Antonio Suarez closed the first contract for the new phase of shipyard