Spain rents a warship to Australia

By | 5 July, 2012

SOURCE HOLDER ANTENA3. july 3, 2012.

Spain ‘rents’ warships including a purchase option. The new anti-crisis measure is the assignment to Australia of the A-15 Cantabria for a year. The Australian Navy is the first customer, and if it is satisfied may contract to build two similar vessels in Spanish shipyards.

The A-15 Cantabria is the second largest ship of the Spanish Navy. A modern combat supplier ship. Next year, it will be framed in the Royal Australian Navy, according to an agreement signed by the fleet admirals of Australia and Spain. It will be the longest deployment it has ever been made by a warship of our country. And it will not cost one euro to Spain. Australia will pay all expenses, including salaries of the crew. Royal Australian Navy wants to use the ship in their naval exercises.

With this deal, Spain gets in times of crisis its profit by a ship which is of little use in peacetime. The Spanish Navy Chief Admiral, Manuel Rebollo, said to be an anti-crisis plan.

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